This is a series of artwork Totem Animals.
Painting was made with acrylic. I used a dim palette

A long time ago people communicated with animal spirits. They believed that all living things have a soul.
In ancient legends and myths, animals were endowed with fantastic abilities. This helped people to be one with nature and gave them insights into how the world around them worked.
As children, we believed in fairy tales and were afraid of the dark. The darkness was something evil and frightening for us. When we grew up, we realized that monsters didn't exist. And now we know that without darkness not a single star will shine.
In this series of paintings, animals hide in the dark background. And despite the black color of the paintings, they invoke the sense of peace and tranquillity. They convey the essence and energy of each being.
This mystical project isn’t just about animals. It is about us. About our secrets, experiences and problems that we sometimes have no one to share with.
Mysterious animals in the darkness in pictures are like guardian angels. The animal takes a person under its wing and protects their home.
Everyone will find the picture that reflects their inner world.
The works are presented in mixed media. The artist likes to combine the incompatible. It adds a magical feel to the painting.
Every animal in this series is special. It has a soul, its own character, and one can see that by looking in their eyes.
The attitude towards animals is a mirror of our soul. And in this mirror anyone can find their reflection.
Look closely and you will find yourself.

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