Dark Fairy Tales
Remember how in childhood we told each other scary stories, and then we sat together and shook that someone terrible would come and eat everyone?

Children sincerely believe that monsters exist. That the forest is a place where terrible goblin and terrible kikimars live, where the most “real” Baba Yaga lives.

Oh, those thrilling memories. You are a child and your adult is nearby, who will always come to the rescue and save you from any monster.

With age, horror stories become different. More real, and sometimes even without a happy ending. Fairy tales and myths do not seem the most terrible thing in life. The forest, kikimaras and wolves are replaced by unpleasant events in the world that frighten and make you worry. And often the only one who can help to cope with fear and survive unpleasant events is ourselves.

With a series of works “Bedtime Stories”, I want to remind you that no matter how terrible a fairy tale is, it always has a happy ending. Good will triumph over evil and justice will prevail. In this series you will get acquainted with our mythology: Slavic characters, pagan rites and inhabitants of a mysterious and mystical forest.

The works of the series are a secret world that is filled with meaning. In each picture, fantastic and real, good and evil, dark outside and giving light inside coexist.
And like any fairy tale, these pictures can help us point the right way.

Let's, as in childhood, see the possibility of a miracle and believe in the good.

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